October 17, 2014

How to Repair Chapped Lips

Winter is just around the corner and apart from all the merriness of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it also brings along dryness and cracked skin and lips. In fact, tending to chapped lips becomes one of the most tedious tasks during the winter season. This is also true for the herpes virus one that can show its symptoms with stress and then the immune system is weak. The cold wind and harsh weather conditions leave back dry and chapped lips, which top the list of winter predicaments for many. Where lip balms and lip moisturizers can be effective for repairing chapped lips that are damaged by herpes, you may also consider the following suggestions for lip care and to choose the right products for keeping your lips moisturized all throughout the winter.

Choose the correct lip balm

It is necessary that you choose a good lip balm as some of these may actually leave your lips dry, suggest dermatologists. Go through the contents of the lip balm before you buy one. Lip balms containing menthol, camphor or phenol should be avoided at all costs, as these substances may further dry up your lips instead of moisturizing them. You can choose to make your own lip balm as this is very easy to DIY lip balm with a few ingredients like beeswax, shea butter for example. There are fun easy to do lip balm recipes on this website organic-beauty-recipes.com like for example the cinnamon lip balm recipe.

Choose lip balms having natural contents

Invest in lip balms that make use of natural substances instead of those having artificial flavours and scents. The artificial chemicals may not only leave your lips dry but can also cause allergies. Instead, lip balms having natural substances like cotton seed oil and wheat germ oil not only moisturise the lips but have a longer-lasting effect by sealing the moisture content.

organic beauty recipesAvoid licking your lips

You may habitually lick your lips or out of temptation, whenever they feel too dried up. But this does not help in way. In fact, it may have adverse effects. According to dermatologists, it makes your lips more chapped, as saliva contains acids that further dry your lips. Also, evaporation of saliva too leads to the dryness of lips.

Drink sufficient amount of water

Application of lip balms and moisturisers alone cannot repair your chapped lips. In fact, you need to keep yourself hydrated to ensure that your lips, as well as, your skin too receives sufficient amount of moisture. Drink sufficient water throughout the day and it is recommended that you use a humidifier during your sleep.

Avoid the intake of beverages like coffee and alcohol. These beverages contain substances that cause dehydration. However, if you are too tempted to give up these beverages, ensure to drink enough water that adequately compensates for the loss of moisture content.

Do not exfoliate your lips

Since lips are naturally exfoliated, dermatologists suggest avoiding the use of chemical products for lips’ exfoliation. Most of the lip exfoliating products contain salicylic acid, which can lead to the drying up of lips, resulting in chapped and bleeding lips. However, if you really feel the need to exfoliate your lips, it is suggested that you use a toothbrush to gently scrub your lips.

Follow these tips for lip care to ensure that you do not have to suffer from chapped, dry, peeling and bleeding lips this winter. Following these suggestions, you may no more have to worry about dry lips, and you will be able to keep your lips adequately moisturised all throughout the winter.

October 14, 2014

Can One Treat Herpes Naturally?

Herpes is one of the most widely spread and controversial diseases of the present times. Despite the risks and consequences that entail Herpes, the issues concerning dangers and treatment of Herpes are still not duly addressed. There is a need to adequately stress upon the factors concerning the risks, dangers, prevention and treatment of Herpes. The patients are to be provided with the complete information about their treatment options. They may rely on methods of allopathic treatments, or they may opt to treat Herpes naturally.
Apart from the conventional medicinal treatments, there is now a possibility for the sufferers to control and treat Herpes naturally. In fact, herbs and proper nutrition can be relied upon to reverse this disease. Probioticsherpes virus one are also known as a great help in restoring friendly bacteria and boosting the immune system.
Herpes is contracted through sexual intercourse and its first stage lasts over a span of around two weeks. The initial symptoms involve flu and appearance of painful blisters around the pubic region. In some cases, the Herpes virus may cause considerable damage to a person’s health resulting in the recurrence of symptoms, while in other cases the infected person may become a carrier. In carriers, the virus lies dormant showing very mild symptoms, which make the diagnosis difficult.
To prevent contracting Herpes, adequate preventive measures are to be taken. Avoid unprotected sex with a Herpes victim at all costs to prevent its contraction. As there is not much awareness about Herpes, appropriate measures may also be taken to increase awareness about it among individuals.

So far, there is no definite cure for Herpes in the field of allopathic medicine. This further lowers hope and self-esteem of Herpes victims. In disparity to the claims of allopathic experts, alternative medicine has made advancements which show potential to reverse the disease by treating Herpes naturally.

A collection of antiviral herbs are believed to be effective for reversing and curing herpes. These herbs include pansy, galangal, ligustrum, lapacho, etc. Apart from these, there are also various other herbs that have been discovered to be particularly effective for fighting the Herpes virus. These herbs include cayenne, thyme and liquorice.

Apart from herbs, there is also a species of mushroom which is believed to be effective for the treatment and reversal of Herpes. The Reishi mushroom is an antiviral antidote to Herpes and also contributes towards the strengthening of the immune system. Similarly, Lysine, which is a naturally occurring amino acid, is also believed to be effective for curing Herpes in the field of alternative medicine. Lysine not only is believed to be helpful for curing the infected people but it may also be relied upon for ensuring prevention from contracting the Herpes disease. To boost your immune system and fight inflammation, there are supplements that can help, check out http://supplementsforinflammation.com/ that is reviewing natural supplements helping relieving inflammation of the body.
Natural medicine also employs topical options for the treatment of Herpes and to alleviate the resultant pain and irritation. Emollients like propolis and thuja cream can be beneficial for pain relief, irritation reduction and essentially, combating Herpes.
If you wish to aid from the natural treatments for Herpes, it is advised that you approach a professional practitioner who may properly guide you through various means and methods for Herpes cure.

Read more on herpes virus one here : http://www.webmd.com/genital-herpes/default.htm

source: supplementsforinflammation.com